Trembling and Unstable When Walking? Beware of Getting Parkinson

Do you still remember Love and Other Drugs movie, starring by Anne Hathaway? The film is a brief review of the classical features of Parkinson's disease.

Monotonous tremor movement to be one of the main. But, in fact there are many other classic traits.

In a discussion entitled Art Parkinson: My Family and some classic traits of Parkinson discussed thoroughly by dr Diatri Nari Lastri, Sp.S (K) as the guest speaker and secretary general of the central committee of the Association of Indonesian Doctors Neurologist (PERDOSSI).

This he discussed in a seminar to commemorate the World Parkinson's Day right today. This seminar took place at Cafe Energy, Energy Building Jl Gen. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta, Thursday (11/04/2013).

Dr Diatri say these symptoms are symptoms of parkinsonism. Usually known as TRAP.

T = Tremor. It is a monotonous symptom seen in many people with Parkinson's. Usually affects the hands of patients.

R = rigidity or stiffness. Due to nerves that can not work well then it will be keenly felt stiffness in certain body parts, body parts most attacked is the face, hands, and feet.

A = akinesia. This is a sign of rigidity of the face therefore can not blink or give expression.

P = Postural instability. Mark is indicated by an imbalance or stability while walking. This is what can cause harm in people with Parkinson's.

However, some other diseases such as stroke or brain infections may have the same sign. However, if there is 2 or 3 marks above simultaneously can be sure it is a symptom of Parkinson's.

In addition to the classic features of the above, there are several other symptoms. Some of them, when running one hand does not 'swing' is also slowly shrinking voice when speaking.

Stiffness when writing so writing progressively smaller even drooling continuous or 'drooling' is also another hallmark of Parkinson symptoms.