New Insomnia Drug Without Side Effects

Many insomnia sufferers who rely on sleeping pills so he could rest. Unfortunately, most sleeping pills have side effects such as feeling nervous and cause loss of concentration upon awakening. Seeing the condition, a leading pharmaceutical company based in the U.S. are developing a new sleeping pill with no side effects.

Only pill called DORA-22 is claimed to be able to make those who take them sleep well at night and not feel any side effects when I woke up in the morning.

As with the other sleeping drugs that target the brain sedative compounds called GABA, sleeping pills, this one works on one of the brain called orexin compounds known to help a person to stay awake.

So far researchers have successfully in mice. Rats fed DORA-22 proved to sleep longer than mice fed a regular sleeping pills. After being given the drug, the rats were not impaired memory as well as mice fed a Valium or two other types of sleeping pills.

Similarly, the monkeys were sedated than DORA-22. They suffer from memory disorders and decreased alertness. In contrast, monkeys that were given DORA-22 did not experience similar problems, even when given very high doses.

Merck, the pharmaceutical company that developed the drug giant said if the tests were conducted on a number of these animals mimic the situation in which a person becomes easily awakened shortly after taking sleeping pills.

Even so, Professor Colin Espie, founder of the sleep center at Glasgow University warned that targeting the orexin to overcome insomnia can result in side effects such as increased appetite.

"The challenge is to find a pill that actually address the root cause of insomnia, rather than simply looking for short cuts," he said as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (05/04/2013).