Burn Calories Without Exercise

No need to envy the people who have a lot of time exercising. Because you can burn calories and stay in shape, though not allocate time for exercise. How?

Knowingly or not, in fact many everyday activities can burn calories. Well, here are some activities you can do to burn calories while not exercising.

Well here are some activities that can burn your calories as quoted from Boldsky, Friday (05/04/2013):

1. Sleep Enough

Enough sleep can burn calories, you know. Because many people with sleep disorders tend to be fat and even obese. Therefore make sure you have enough sleep, 6-8 hours a day.

2. Perform Brain Games

When the brain is active, the body tends to heat up and feel tired. This is why when you perform brain games like sudoku, puzzles, chess, ludo and can reduce the calories in the body. At the time of the brain game, meaning that the brain sends signals to the body to remain active and alert. No wonder it makes you sweat. That's the reason you tend to feel thirsty when completing a sudoku or crossword puzzles.

3. Breathing

Every 5 times the draw and pulled out a deep breath, you have to burn 60 calories. This activity will help the circulation of blood throughout the body, making you feel refreshed. Not only that, interesting and issued a deep breath metabolism also increases. When doing this, you feel the cold air through the throat and stomach, while the hot air out through the mouth.

4. laugh

Laughter not only releases endorphins but also can reduce stress and burn calories. So take a moment to joke with friends, or watch a comedy show and let you laugh out loud.

5. Farm

Good news for you who like gardening. Because these activities can help you burn 120 calories. Hmm so not only are you going to get a beautiful flower plants in the garden, your body will be fit by gardening.

6. Ironing Clothes

Iron clothes seem to be the most boring activity in the world. But there are tremendous benefits behind this activity you know. Only the ironing clothes, you can burn 150 calories. Heat is removed board will react with the body so as to make you sweat. That makes the calories burned.

7. Home clean-up

It seems trivial, but the clean-up activities can make you tired because these activities burn calories. Only by sweeping, mopping, dusting and tidying the house, you can burn 200-400 calories which is equivalent to aerobic cardio.

8. Using Stairs

Switch using the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator. Because the up and down steps, you can burn 65 calories.