Diabetes Patients Need to Beware of Heart Failure

People with diabetes should be aware of the possibility of heart failure. Blood sugar is too high can cause the blood flow is not smooth. As a result, the heart muscle deficient intake of nutrients and oxygen, which inhibits the work of the heart in pumping blood.

This condition will damage the nerves and blood vessels, which then lead to complications such as heart disease and stroke. Both diseases are a leading cause of death in diabetics.

"People with diabetes are more at risk of suffering from heart failure disease. When the attack came determined high sugar content in the blood and body weight, which is different for each person, "said a consultant endocrine internist, Dr. Dr. Mardi Santoso, DTM & H, Sp.PD, KEMD Doctor Science Week 2013 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kristen Krida (Ukrida) in Jakarta, Sunday (04/07/2013) then.

Mardi adds, people with diabetes are also potentially affected by heart failure and stroke at a younger age than those without diabetes. Patients with type 2 diabetes may experience heart failure, the same as people without diabetes who have had a heart attack one time.

People with diabetes who had a heart attack, are also at risk of suffering from heart failure a second time. Heart attack in people with diabetes are also at higher risk of death, compared to those without diabetes. This is due to a growing pile of blood sugar high and uncontrolled, open up the chances of clogging and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis).

Heart failure and stroke are the risks for patients with diabetes who had blockages in the blood vessels of the (macroangeopathy). When a blockage occurs in the small blood vessels (microangeopathy), then the patient will experience a feeling of pain and tingling in the limbs of the body.

Can be prevented

Diabetes certainly does not come just like that. "It took five to 10 years of accumulation of blood sugar to diabetes. During that time the body would have to send a signal," said Mardi.

Unfortunately, symptoms of diabetes such as often feeling tired, frequent urination, fast feel hungry and thirsty more often diabaihkan. Drastic weight loss, such as 12 pounds in one to three months, are also ignored.

In fact, if the response and immediately improve your diet, rest, and exercise, diabetes are not inevitable.

"A healthy lifestyle is the key factor to avoid diabetes. Those who already have diabetes should immediately follow the recommended diet, and regular consultations," Mardi said.