Sore Gums Cause Tooth Loss

Sore Gums is easily recognizable from bleeding gums should not be ignored because at this stage would further damage the structures supporting the teeth, causing the teeth easily dislodged.

"Bleeding gums is a predictor of the risk of tooth loss," said Rafael Silva Dr.Juan, gum disease expert from the Philippines in a press conference and a refreshing course Replenish Dentistry 2013 at Jakarta (28/2/13).

Around each tooth there is a small ditch to be like a barrier between the teeth and gums. When bacteria get into it and lodged there, they cause inflammation, forming pockets deeper and hold more bacteria.

"With continued inflammation will damage not only the gums but also the bones so that the tooth easily dislodged teeth," he said.

Gingivitis disease is actually caused by something simple, lazy to clean the teeth. Good oral hygiene will prevent the buildup of bacteria or plaque. But no matter how conscientious you are cleaning your teeth, plaque and calculus will always formed. Therefore go to the dentist every 6-12 months to clean the teeth.

According Prof.Armasastra Bahar, Department of Community Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, including in gingivitis disease that affects many people of Indonesia.

"Many are ignoring this disease because it considers tooth is trivial. Whereas loss of teeth means disability because we lose part of the body," said Arma, on the same occasion.

The dentist will now try to maintain the teeth, including the aching tooth. "As much as possible do not tooth pulled," he said