Sitting Too Long Can Trigger Diabetes

Reduce the time you sit down from now on in order to avoid the risk of diabetes. The more time spent sitting, the greater your chances of suffering from this disease.

Experts say, ask the patient to reduce the time sitting in diabetes prevention is more effective than asking them to frequent exercise.

To prevent obesity and diabetes, we are encouraged to do moderate to strenuous exercise at least 150 minutes each week. However, research published in the Diabetelogia Journal mentioned, reducing the time to sit for up to 90 minutes a day has the same health benefits.

"Currently, the sedentary (less activity) spent the most time portion every day," said Joseph Henson of the University of Leicester.

Sedentary lifestyle are the most in the modern era. Morning they spent 1-2 hours to go to work by sitting in the vehicle, and then at the office about 8 more hours behind the counter, and go home to sit back relax watching television.

Research conducted Henson was comprised of two studies covering 153 adults. Respondents in the first study the average age of about 33 years, while a second study involved respondents aged 65 years. In each study, compared to the time spent sitting or sedentary, and exercise time.

The researchers found that the time spent sitting was significantly associated with increased blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Similarly, the risk of diabetes and heart disease. The risk was even greater after the researchers took into account the duration of exercise and the amount of body fat.

"Diabetes and cardiovascular disease prevention is currently only focused on sports. Asking people for more vigorous exercise does help, but it is more effective if they are advised to reduce the time sitting and more moving," said Henson.