"Chiropractic" for Kids, Is it safe?

Lately this method of healing spinal complaint by hand or chiropractic increasingly recognized. This method is claimed to be safe for anyone, even for children and infants.

Chiropractic comes from the Greek, and practos chiros meaning done by hand. Therefore, this method is relatively safe for children, particularly for spine health.

"This method can be done by anyone who has the spine, including the two-week-old baby," said dr.Inez, chiropractors in talk show hosted by Kidzania and PT MHisamitsu Pharma Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday (13/02/13) .

Inez added backbone is the part of the body is very important because these are the nerve center called the spinal cord. "Disruption or changes in the function of the spine and affect the nervous system," says chiropractor of Chiropractic Citralife this.

Methods chiropractic correction is done by pressing the joints of the spine and body to be straight to relieve the pressure on the nerve flow. Therapy is done only by hand and the help of a tool to suppress the spine.

"Basically, the human body has the ability to heal itself. Chiropractic function is to help the body recognize the correct position so that the healing process much faster," he said.

Spinal problems mainly occurs due to wrong posture, trauma, or has been dropped.

"In children, their bones have not fused so that they often fall off, tail bone segment shifts and can interfere with nerve conductivity. This can also make children often wet the bed," he explained.

Chiropractic therapy can be done to cure or preserve spinal function. "Abnormalities of the spine often unrecognized child's parents, knew it was a great turn out scoliosis. Therefore need early detection," he said