Miraculous Benefits of Coffee to Protect Liver

In addition to repel drowsiness, coffee also has other special functions that can protect liver damage, especially in those who frequently consume alcoholic beverages.

The conclusion was obtained from a new study recently done. In the study, researchers asked about coffee consumption to nearly 19,000 Finnish men and women aged 25 to 74 years who consumed alcohol.

"Our findings suggest the possibility of a protective effect of coffee intake on consumers of alcoholic beverages," said one researcher, Dr. Onni Niemela, of Seinajoki Central Hospital and University of Tampere in Finland, as quoted by ibnlive, Sunday (03/24/2013).

In the study, Dr. Onni specific measure participants' blood levels of liver enzymes gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT). Because drinking alcohol can increase GGT levels in the blood. Even alcohol can cause liver disease in alcoholics.

One of the men who underwent this test admitted consuming more than 24 alcoholic drinks per week, or about 3.5 drinks a day. The test results showed that it has the highest levels of the liver enzyme, which is about three times higher than men who did not drink alcohol.

Among them are alcoholics, there are a coffee connoisseur. They consume as much as five cups of coffee or more each day. It was from the tests showed a 50 percent reduction in GGT compared with men who did not drink coffee.

While there were no differences in the variables among heavy drinkers, moderate drinkers, and former drinkers and non-drinkers in the study, the researchers are unable to determine with certainty whether the interaction between alcohol and one of these factors influence the outcome.

The researchers found that the manner of presentation of coffee that is ready to eat, filtered, boiled or in the form of espresso does not make a difference in these findings. Previous research says there is a possibility that caffeine plays a role in this.

To note, the researchers found no significant association between coffee consumption and levels of GGT in women drinkers. And also, in addition to alcohol it can also be triggered by smoking, older age and being overweight.

Given this research does not mean you are free to consume alcohol because it can be 'saved' by coffee. Drinking coffee must not be excessive because not good for health, especially for your blood pressure.