Impotence Because Hypertension, Is That Possible?

Hypertension can cause damage to the small blood vessels, not least in the area surrounding the male reproductive organs. Now, whether this could lead to a man to experiencing impotence?

"It can happen and it's pretty much the experience," explained Prof. Dr. MA Rully Roesli, Sp.PD-KGH, former Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Hypertension, when contacted detikHealth, and was written on Wednesday (03/20/2013).

Dr Rully added antihypertensive drugs that cause impotence was there, but by no means all antihypertensive drugs have that effect. "Only a few so it should be taking medication prescribed by your doctor and diligent control," he continued.

Similar delivered a specialist heart and blood vessels, Dr. Muhammad Yamin, SpJP, FACC, FSCAI. He said the problem of impotence is not necessarily caused by hypertension, but because they said there blockages in blood vessels due to fat accumulation.

"It can also be experienced by people with diabetes. So erectile dysfunction occurs when blood vessels are blocked, and it was a blood vessel leading male genitals will cause erectile dysfunction," he explained.

Dr. Yamin agreed with Dr Rully that not all antihypertensive drugs lead to erectile dysfunction. "Just a group of beta blockers and erectile dysfunction is a side effect of the drug class., And type of medication can be changed depending on the patient's condition," he explained.