Healthy and Fit, Thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Ody G (60) suffered a stroke last year. When his health drop, Ody was taken to a hospital in Tangerang. But the doctor there, Ody advised to Bethsaida Hospital, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. Ody then take hyperbaric oxygen therapy / HBOT.

Until Monday (11/03/2013), Ody was 19 times undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy. According Welly, hospital nurses Bethsaida, Ody condition is vastly improved compared to when he first came in February. "First come, Mr. Ody must lie. After 9 times this therapy, Mr. Ody was able to sit down and have started to talk though not fluently. From his look fresh after taking this therapy, health conditions Mr. Ody getting better, "said Welly.

The same thing happened Dolfi Chopsticks (43). Former water polo athlete who played for the name of Indonesia in the SEA Games 1987, has seven times underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy. "After attending the third treatment, I feel my body is very fit. I got to tell the doctor, I have never felt fitness and happiness as it is now, "said Dolfi, who is now a businessman.

Elizabeth Sindoro, RS owner Bethsaida said, it provides HBOT equipment to the new hospital was inaugurated December 12, 2012 because he knew the benefits for patients. Previous Elizabeth routine oxygen therapy in RSAL Mintohardjo Jakarta, but after his RS Bethsaida provide more modern equipment, he always undergo this therapy.

The result was remarkable. Elizabeth Sindoro face still looks fresh and her stay in shape even though he was already the head 5. His hair was still black, does not look gray one. Women entrepreneurs are always maintain the health and fitness of his body, other than through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, also through a healthy diet. "I am healthy and fit without having to eat drugs made from chemicals, thanks to this therapy," said Liza.

In Tangerang, RS Bethsaida only hospitals that have hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment.

Bethsaida Hospital Director Dr. Bina Ratna explained, hyperbaric therapy is not yet widely known in Indonesia. The use of HBOT in Indonesia was first performed by Lakesla, in cooperation with the Navy Hospital Dr. Ramelan, Surabaya in 1960. Until now, the facility is still the largest in Indonesia.

In Jakarta, there are two hospitals that provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility, but so far only RS Bethsaida Gading Serpong Tangerang which is fully equipped and modern.

Is that hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric therapy basic principles of physics a little more contained. The theory underlying this Toricelli HBOT therapy, which is used to determine the air pressure of 1 atm is 760 mmHg. The content of the composition of the elements contained in the air which contains nitrogen (N2) and 78 percent oxygen (O2) 21 percent.

HBOT therapy using media element breath oxygen (O2) or 100 percent pure. HBOT therapy is also based on the theory of fundamental physics laws Dalton, Boyle, Charles and Henry.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical therapy in the medical field, which has the scientific basis of medicine (Evident Base Medicine) and has been clinically proven by inhaling pure oxygen in a pressurized room.

The principle adopted is physiologically is that the absence of O2 at the cellular level will cause disruption in the life of all organisms. Its oxygen around the body enters the body by way of exchange of gases. The phases of the respiratory gas exchange phase consisted of ventilation, transportation, utilization and diffusion. With high oxygen pressure conditions, is expected to cellular matrix that supports life of an organism to get optimal conditions.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment in which the patient in a room breathe 100 percent oxygen at high pressure (hyperbaric chamber). Environmental conditions in the HBOT air pressure greater than the pressure in the tissues of the body (1 ATA). This situation can be experienced by a person at the time of the dive or in a high-pressure air chamber (RUBT) both designed for diving and treatment of cases of clinical disease.

Therapeutic effect

Effects obtained from HBOT therapy there are two effects of the first and second mechanical physiological effects. Physiological effects can be explained by the mechanism of dissolved oxygen plasma. Transport of oxygen to tissues increases with the increase of oxygen dissolved in the plasma.

Mechanical effects increased pressure or ambient environment that provides benefits decreased volume of gas or air bubbles in the treatment of patients with decompression as a result of diving accidents and gas emboli that occur in some hospital medical treatment.

The effect of increased partial pressure of oxygen in the blood and tissues that provide therapeutic benefit: bacteriostatic on anaerobic infection, detoxification on carbon monoxide poisoning, cyanide and hidrogensulfida, reoksigenasi in cases of acute ischemia, crush injury, compartment syndrome and chronic ischemia cases, wounds that do not heal , radiation necrosis, skin graft preparation and burns.

Prohibition in hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Doctors Bina Ratna explained, certain lung disorders, respiratory infections and some specific medical conditions will cause the patient difficulty adjusting hyperbaric indoors. Prior therapy should consult first with hyperbaric physician.

Are there any side effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Side effects that usually happens is the patient's inability to adjust the pressure in the room and hyperbaric oxygen intoxication.

To overcome these problems the patient is always accompanied by a nurse specially trained hyperbaric that will teach you how to adjust to the pressures and how to breathe correctly.

Remove metal objects

Doctors Bina Ratna explained, all patients were required to undergo a pre-treatment assessment before HBOT. An assessment form must be completed and signed by a physician and submitted upon registration.

Remove metal objects and electrical objects or bring other prohibited items.Pasien should eat at least 2 hours before the patient enters the treatment room. Try to position yourself and feel comfortable.

During HBOT treatment phase, you will experience a feeling of "full" in the ear, much like when going on a plane that is caused by changes in altitude. Sensation like this would happen five to ten minutes or when the pressure reached 0-5 meters because the transition occurs when there is a change in atmospheric pressure.

You are required to equalize the pressure in the ear. Hyperbaric nurse and certified and trained technicians will be present with you both indoor and outdoor hyperbaric hyperbaric, you will be monitored continuously for HBOT treatment takes place under the coordination of hyperbaric specialists who are ready to request assistance, infomasi any time to train and assist the patient. Each therapy session will last from 60-90 minutes.

During the therapy sessions, patients can watch television, listen to music from the in-house entertainment systems, reading or just sleeping. Please note that hyperbaric nurses and technicians will filter and limit the items to be brought indoors.

The process of patient preparation and implementation of HBOT therapy in hospitals Bethsaida conducted by trained medical professionals trained and under the control and supervision of experienced hyperbaric physician, and using equipment that has a high safety standards for humans and have international certification

Preparation before hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Smoking, alcohol and chronic caffeine consumption reduces the amount of oxygen that can be transported by the circulatory system.

It is highly recommended that all patients HBOT can refrain from smoking during treatment. If smoking cessation is not possible, at least within two hours before and two hours after treatment should be free of tobacco.

Patients snack least two hours prior to treatment. And please discuss your medicines with the regular consumption of hyperbaric physician at the hospital.