Rarely Drinking Is Not The Main Cause of Kidney Disease

Water and kidneys have a very close relationship. With the intake of water it will prevent infections and stones in the urinary tract. No wonder a lot of people think drinking is rarely a cause of kidney disease.

But the assumption is contradicted by a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. D Situmorang stumps, Sp.PD-KGH who now serves as director of the Siloam Hospital MRCCC. "Not true if sparsely drinking leading cause of kidney disease. Due to disruption of the kidney is different cause," said Dr. stumps in conversation with detikHealth as written on Wednesday (03/13/2013).

So what is the cause of kidney disease? "The cause of kidney disease that varies. If the function of the impaired control of acid-base it will cause crowded, if renal function to control water problems so swollen," said dr. Stumps.

Furthermore dr stumps added if this happens it will experience thinning bones. Then if there is a disruption of the regulatory function of blood there will be anemic. But in the final stage will continue to have chronic kidney disease.

According to Dr. D Situmorang stumps, there are two factors that lead to people in developed countries suffer damage or kidney failure are diabetes mellitus and hypertension. While this condition is different in developing countries, namely glomerulusnefritis as the cause.

"Renal disease the most complained in developed countries are diabetes and hypertension. Developing countries if it glomerulusnefritis. Indonesia but in half-this ended up being complex, both in Indonesia. But the most complained that because of diabetes and hypertension, "said Dr. D Situmorang stumps.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Parlindungan Siregar, Sp. PD-KGH, kidney disease can be well controlled origin unknown causes of kidney pain.

"What must be addressed is the cause of kidney pain. Example diabetes, so diabetes that we have to overcome first. Hypertension if hypertension is normalized so first," said Dr. Parlin.