15 Minute Meditation to Relieve Neck Pain

For office workers, the causes of neck pain are from the uncomfortable seating position and  due to stress. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix that is meditation for 15 minutes.

A study in the journal Brain confirms stress makes people lose their tolerance for pain. The higher levels of cortisol or stress hormones in saliva, the higher the brain activity in the central reception pain stimuli.

Increased activity in the Otan makes a person more sensitive to pain. For example, both sat for hours in front of the computer, neck pain will be easier to attack than the stress employees feel fine.

Meanwhile, another study at Thomas Jefferson University, U.S., suggests that the pain caused by stress can be resisted by a very easy way that is meditation. It does not take hours to do so, just take 15 minutes.

According to the study, meditate for 15 minutes can reduce stress levels by 25 percent. Quoted from Mesnhealth.com, Thursday (07/03/2013), neck pain in 56 per cent of respondents who experience stress also reduced or even disappear altogether thanks to meditation practice.

In this study, the participants do meditation every day in 8 weeks, each for 15 minutes. Diverse forms of meditation, could hear his heart rate alone or can also practice yoga.

Stress itself is not only increase sensitivity to pain. The study also revealed that stress could increase risk appetite, so more fat. For those interested, may also try meditation to starve.