Want Longevity? Limit Consume Processed Meat

According to recent studies, consume processed meats contribute to death at a young age. In a report published in the journal BMC Medicine, the researchers concluded that processed meat, which is closely related to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and death at a young age.

Who need to be aware of processed meat is a high use of salt and chemicals as preservatives. Research on the effects of diets high in processed meats is done by following people from 10 countries for almost 13 years.

Those who ate more than 160 grams (the equivalent of two sausages and a slice of smoked pork) of processed meat per day, the risk of death during the period of 13 years 44 per cent more than those who only eat 20 grams of processed meat.

"Those who like to eat meat, especially processed meat, usually also have less healthy lifestyles," said Rohrmann Prof.Sabine of the University of Zurich.

Indeed, the people in the study in addition to love eating processed meat is also generally smoking, obesity, and had other bad lifestyle.

"Quitting smoking is actually more important than reducing meat. But I still recommend people to start limiting the consumption of processed meat," he said.

Previous research also links between processed meats, such as bacon, burger, or hot dog, increases the risk of colon cancer.

Dr.Rachel Thompson of the World Cancer Research Fund found that about 4000 cases of bowel cancer could be prevented if consumers limit their intake of processed meat less than 10 grams per day.

Nevertheless meat still advised to be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to red meat, other good sources of protein are chicken, fish, and nuts.