Keep Away From Strict Diet To Avoid Bone eroded

Beautiful body is the dream of men and women. Many people finally decide to strict diet in order to get into shape like a model. But the other thing you need to know, on a strict diet it can cause bone loss.

"No right to use (the term) erosion, more precisely bone. This happens because the strict diet will reduce the necessary nutrients in our bones. Unbalanced nutrition can make the bones become brittle," said bone specialist, dr Rahyussalim, SpOT ( K) Spine, Wednesday (03/06/2013).

dr Rahyussalim also said there are some people experience severe consequence of such a strict diet. "Once there was a model who suffered broken bones when she walked down the catwalk, and having seen it was a result of a strict diet in which he moved. But such cases are rarely raised," he said.

The lack of nutrients in the bone will cause the bones to become weak, not to lack of exercise and activity. Particularly in the spine as a crutch and shaper posture, would be very scary if someone had experience bone loss at a young age.

"The only way ya surgery, there are no drugs that can cure it. Bones it can be restored, as if the house fire, still can be built again," said Dr. Rahyussalim.

"When the vertebrae brittle and more stooped posture, the volume of the chest cavity will be more narrow so it can hit the heart," he added.

In people whose bones are eroded and resulted humped spine should be addressed. The use of corsets only helps to correct and will not provide maximum results.

The body is too thin can be difficult. Because it's better to have an ideal body, not too fat but not too skinny. To get the ideal body proportions, do not use instant way even dangerous. Better to exercise regularly and eat nutritious food.

Pain in the bone recently complained of by the country singer, Maia Estianty. According to the manager, Theo, Maia had felt pain in his spine since two weeks ago.

The disease is very disturbing activities frontman 'Duo Maia' it. In fact, to simply squat Maia felt any pain. Maia entered Graha Kedoya Hospital yesterday morning, Tuesday (5/3). After receiving treatment, Maia was finally allowed home on Wednesday (6/3) at around 12.00 pm