This How To Stay Healthy in Flu Season

In the rainy days like now, the flu virus is very contagious, especially if your immune system is not prime. But there are several ways you can do to keep you healthy despite many people around the flu.

Although not a serious illness, flu-like symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and fever certainly is very disturbing daily activities. Before the attack, you should take steps to prevent the body healthy.

Here are some natural ways that is easy for you to avoid the flu, as reported onlymyhealth, Tuesday (02/05/2013):

1. Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of fluids either water or juice can help replace fluids lost from fever and respiratory tract. This condition will help loosen the mucus that makes you feel better.

The body is well hydrated keeps your body functioning properly so drinking enough water can also keep you from the risk of infection.

2. Stop smoking

Statistics show that heavy smokers are more likely suffering from the flu and respiratory problems worse, because smoking can dry the nasal cavity and affect the immune system.

3. Warm drinks

Ginger, soup, hot tea and orange are the most preferred beverage during the winter. The heat from these drinks will be transferred from the esophagus to the respiratory tract. It loosens the mucus and allow you to remove phlegm easily. In addition, hot drinks will also boost your immune system so you are not likely to catch the flu.

4. Gargling salt water

Salt water to provide assistance to reduce the discomfort of sore throats. Salt can also draw out excess water in the throat tissue, reduce inflammation and clear mucus and relieve irritation in the throat. It can also prevent you from flu infection.

5. Reduce drinking alcohol

Alcohol not only causes dehydration but also makes you vulnerable to contracting the flu by other means. The more heavily you drink, the more likely to get infected and suffer complications.