Tattoos Near Mole May Trigger Skin Cancer?

The disease that often associated with tattooing or skin tattooing art in general is a disease transmitted through blood such as hepatitis and HIV infection. But now scientists are linking well with the risk of skin cancer. Really?

HIV (Human Imunodeficiency Virus) and Hepatitis actually not triggered by the tattoo itself, but transmission can occur through non-sterile tattoo needles. The mechanism just like sharing needles alternately on drug users.

In relation to cancer, which many not be a scapegoat tattoo needles instead of ink used. Red ink, for example, contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, titanium and so on. In fact, some containing arsenic.

"Not everyone will be subject to the tattooed skin cancer. But they are at increased risk since most plumbers use tattoo inks containing arsenic," said Dr DJS Tula, consultant plastic surgeon at BLK Hospital in Delhi, India as quoted from Indiavision, Tuesday (5 / 2/2013).

In particular, Dr. Tula also recommends avoiding tattooing around the mole. Not merely because the content of heavy metals in the ink used, but rather the appearance of moles that become difficult to observe if the experience changes.

As is known, any changes in moles often indicate the presence of skin cancer such as melanoma. Therefore it is important to observe the change in the symmetry of the shape, size, color and texture. The existence of a mole tattoo around would be disturbing observation.

"If there are tattoos in the vicinity (moles), the important warning signs will be difficult later observed and this could develop into melanoma or other skin cancers," said Dr. Tula are also reminded that the tattoo equipment should always be used in sterile conditions at .