Do not Want Insomnia? Avoid These Foods and Beverages

Insomnia often excruciating. Yet to maintain fitness and health, you need to sleep 8 hours a day. In order not suffered agony in the evening, watch the food and drinks you consume.

Here are some foods and drinks are a major trigger the rise of insomnia so you awake all night, as quoted from boldsky, Tuesday (05/02/2013):

1. Caffeine

It has long been known to consume caffeine can trigger insomnia. Knowingly or not, caffeine has been part of our lives as contained in tea, coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks. So, when close to bedtime, you should stay away from caffeine.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is responsible for the problems of dehydration, which can affect serotonin levels, causing insomnia. Even if you can sleep, then drink alcohol will often wake up from sleep.

3. High Protein Food

High-protein foods such as red meat is hard to digest. These foods will make you hard brake by inhibiting the production of serotonin. As a result you will be awake all night.

4. Produce food Gas

Foods that produce gas will be a problem for those who have stomach ulcers. These foods will cause an uncomfortable feeling. Well, to get a good sleep then stay away from spicy foods and gas-producing foods such as peas, beans, and broccoli.

5. Tucker

Foods that contain lots of sugar will increase the energy so that it can lead to an imbalance of sleep patterns. So it is avoid eating sugary foods like cake and chocolate can be a major cause of insomnia.

6. Dairy Products

Foods that contain high fat milk, curd, cheese and butter are hard to digest. Finally the food that causes heartburn and the impact you have trouble sleeping.

7. Fast Food

Undoubtedly aka fast food fast food is the cause of insomnia. Because food is not only high in fat, but also spicy. If you eat fast food like burgers or tacos before bed, most likely you'll be awake for a long time.

8. Drinking water

Drinking large amounts of water is good, but should not be done at night before bed. For most of the drink will make you urinate frequently, consequently sleep is lost.

9. Food Packaging

Packaged foods or processed foods are known as sensitive. If these foods are eaten at night time, it will cause heartburn due to the high fat contained.