Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is cancer found in bone. Bone cancer can occur in any bone in the body. But generally in the long bones that shape hands and feet.

The term bone cancer refers to cancer that arise anywhere in the body and spread to the bone. Bone cancer also did not refer to the blood cell cancer that starts from the spinal cord.


Signs and symptoms of bone cancer include:
• Pain in the bone
• Swelling near the affected area
• Weak bones, sometimes causing fractures
• Weak
• Weight loss suddenly

Causes & Risk Factors


It is unclear what causes bone cancer. Doctors believe that cancer is caused by an error in cell bone DNA. This error causes bones to grow uncontrollably. The accumulation of mutations in these cells form a tumor that can invade nearby bone or spread to other areas in the body.

Types of bone cancer
• Osteosarcoma. This type of bone cancer found in bone cells and is common in children and people in early adulthood.

• Chondrosarcoma. This type of cancer is derived from cartilage cells are commonly found on the ends of bones. This cancer usually affects older people.

• Ewing's sarcoma. It is not clear where the cancer started. But doctors believe this type of cancer originating from nerve tissue inside the bone. This type of cancer often occurs in children and early adulthood.

risk factors

It is not known what causes bone cancer, but some factors can increase the risk of bone cancer include:
• Genetic Errors

• Paget's disease of bone which is a precancerous condition that occurs in the elderly

• Radiation therapy for cancer with doses that are too large