Milk and Yogurt, Best for Bone Strength

Is the dairy products you choose to strengthen your bones? From now on, you need to pick and choose dairy products if the goal is to strengthen the bones. Because not all dairy products beneficial to improve bone health. In fact, there are some certain dairy products are better in doing this.

A study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Aging Research at Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston found that milk and yogurt are the best products that can improve bone mineral density in the hip bone. But they found no evidence that the two types of products related to the density of the spine.

Approximately 44 million Americans have osteoporosis, bone disease caused by low bone density thus increasing the risk of fractures, especially the pelvis, spine, and wrist.

During this study, researchers analyzed data collected from about 3,200 men and women, aged 26 to 85. They asked the participants to fill out questionnaires that indicate they eat certain foods every week. The researchers also take into account if there are other factors such as smoking, consumption of calcium and vitamin D supplements, regular exercise, and menopause in women, as well as other factors that affect bone strength.

For 12 years the researchers followed the progress of these individuals and noted the 43 cases of hip fractures that occur. Because this number is very small, so the researchers were not able to take valid conclusions about the consumption of dairy products and risk of fractures of their data, so that more research is needed.

Nevertheless, the findings published in the journal Archives of Osteoporosis This suggests that people who consume average 2.6 serving of milk, yogurt, and cheese every day had hip and spine bone density better than those who consume less.

Lead researcher Shivani Sahni, who also is an assistant researcher at the institute is suspected that a wide variety of nutrients in dairy products - for example, calcium, protein and vitamin D - work in synergy and together provide a better effect than if nutrient This work alone.