Too Often Hear Bad News Can Make Fat.

All people need the latest information in order to know always what is happening around him. But by no means original to receive information, you should multiply the good news and positive. Too often hear bad news can make fat.

Juliano Laran from the University of Miami showed that a person who is often heard, read or listen to the bad news tends to have a greater weight. Conversely, if often hear the good news, the weight tends to be more controlled.

By the researchers, this trend is said to be related to diet. The more often hear the bad news, the mind will be focused on hard times and unknowingly it will encourage people to eat delicious foods including alias unhealthy junk food.

Many previous studies linking stress history with a tendency to eat junk food. Calorie content in the form of sugar, fat and other additives can trigger the release of hormones that can antistres sedative effect.

However, if left constantly, the habit of eating sweet and fatty foods will make rapid weight increase. In the long term, obesity increases the risk of many deadly chronic diseases including diabetes and heart attacks.

Laran The results showed that men and women are too often exposed to bad news will eat an average of 40 percent more. These findings reinforce the theory that under stressful conditions, people consume more calories.

"These findings could provide positive implications on individuals engaged in health care," he said as quoted Laran Menshealth, Friday (25/01/2013).

These findings also simultaneously provide solutions for people who always fail to lose weight. If it is diet and exercise regularly but still fat, it may need to be tried to avoid occasional newspapers and television.