Do These Things to Stay Happy When Stress

Stress, sadness or depression can happen anytime. However, if you are experiencing this condition, try doing the following things in order to stay happy and happy.

Stress and depression that occur in the long term can make the immune system down so susceptible to infectious diseases, especially. Because it does not hurt to keep yourself happy even under stress.

Easy ways these can help fight stress and depression and restore your smile, as quoted by Medindia on Friday (25/01/2013), namely:

1. Cook

Believe it or not, cooking can actually release stress hormones and brighten the mood in a matter of minutes. This is because cooking involves all the senses are active.

Take 20 minutes to cook your favorite dish and let others eat. When coupled with yoga and meditation can achieve a more relaxed state.

2. Looking at pictures of the old

Seeing old photos can be a good way to activate parts of the brain that stores memories positive, and the study found viewing photos can combat depression by 11 percent.

3. Tidied up table

If someone saw something fall apart then this will affect and distracting. For that try to spruce up the table to make it look neat and clean, so that the mind will become quieter.

4. Playing with pets

Many health practitioners believe in the therapy pet because it has many benefits. The study mentions a walk with the dog, playing or lazing while playing with the dogs and cats can boost morale.

5. Listening to music

Music seems to still be the first line of defense in defeating depression. Listen to upbeat music for 5-10 minutes can make a person feel happy and joy.

6. Pamper yourself

Having personal time to pamper yourself like going to the favorites such as beaches, soak in the tub with a book, enjoy a hot chocolate or something else, can be a simple way of fighting stress.

7. Gather with friends

Socializing with friends as lunch can increase happiness and eliminate negative feelings, so that the body releases a hormone that makes people feel better.

8. Hearty laugh

Hearty laugh could produce a chemical reaction that directly improve mood, reduce stress, and increase immunity. To help make it easier to laugh, try watching a funny video, see a comedy show or other animals.