Tomatoes Skin Can Use as Heart and Stroke Medicine

It was weird when there are people eating tomatoes by peeling its skin first. In addition to unusual, one nutritious content of the tomatoes will be lost when peeled. The content can even be made into stroke medicine.

A drug called Ateronon shown to overcome the blockage of blood vessels which trigger strokes and heart attacks. The new drug has an active ingredient called lycopene, which is available in the tomato skin.

The results of a recent study showing the drug has these natural ingredients can make blood vessels work more efficiently so the blood can flow smoothly. Artery wall in elderly people who usually hardens can be more flexible with the this drug.

The conclusion was drawn based on the results of a clinical trial involving 36 patients with heart disease and 36 healthy people. Ian Wilkinson of Cambridge University who conducted the study have also been present in the arena of the American Heart Association.

Of course, the content of lycopene contained in this medicine has been modified from the original source, tomato skin. Not much has changed, just made to their absorption into the body more efficiently than its original form while still a tomato skin.

"We think these results are good news, and has the potential to be significant, but we still need further testing," Wilkinson said, as quoted from the Telegraph, Monday (07/01/2013).

The same opinion was also told by Peter Kirkpatrick, medical advisor who co-designed the CamNutra drug. He said that some tests still need to be done, but the chances are quite promising.

"It is too early to make any definitive conclusions, but the test results are better than we expected," he said.

Lycopene is the active ingredient in the drug makes the blood vessel cells more sensitive to nitric oxid,  gas that makes blood vessel walls dilate during exercise. Overall, 50 percent of the blood vessels become more flexible.


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