The Cause of Sluggish and Lack of energy

You may ever feel too tired, less powerful and easily tired even after eating and not doing strenuous physical activity. It can be caused by many things that you may not be aware of like not drinking or drug consumption.

If you feel tired and lethargic all day, find out whether it is caused by the things below so you can handle it in a proper way. As reported by Women's Health, on Tuesday (08/01/2013) 5 The following conditions can cause lethargy:

1. Dehydration
Dehydration can make you feel lethargic and difficult to concentrate. Even moderate dehydration can lead to weight loss of up to 3 percent of your body weight.

Most people think that when the body is too tired and head feels dizzy, he needs food to be strong again. But try to drink a glass or two glasses of water, as it may be fatigue and exhaustion that you feel is caused by dehydration.

2. The use of late-night gadget
Check the phone before going to bed so influential on brain activity and makes you difficult to fall asleep. Additionally, the blue light of the screen gadgets can inhibit the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and make you tired the next day.

A survey conducted in 2011 by the National Sleep Foundation found that 20 percent of people aged 19-29 years and always stay up late at night because they have received a call, SMS, or email at least a few nights a week. The body needs adequate rest, so you'll feel too tired when the time was too short or not well.

3. Influence of drugs
Some medications can have side effects of energy drain, so you will feel sluggish and underpowered throughout the day. Medications such as some classes of antidepressants, drugs to prevent migraines or high blood pressure medicines that contain beta-blocker.

If you're just starting drug therapy and felt lethargic after eating them, ask your doctor if there are other drugs that do not cause these side effects.

4. Sports too hard
Regular exercise is good for overall health, but if you are exercising too hard it can trigger stress hormones or cortisol. Choose a light exercise routine for example by walking about 30 minutes to keep up stable production of cortisol.

5. Iron deficiency
Mineral iron transport function and distribute oxygen throughout the body and help clean up the waste from your body's cells. So if you are iron deficient are less than 18 milligrams per day, the body will feel fatigue.

Iron levels are too low can also cause anemia, iron deficiency. If you often feel lethargic, ask your doctor whether you need to do a simple blood test to see if you need iron supplements.

You can also eat foods that contain iron such as nuts, lean meat and green vegetables.


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