Small Bites is Enough To Prevent Eat Excessively

Many experts recommend that people do not eat while watching TV or while doing certain activities because people will tend to eat more servings when distracted. But the tendency to overeat can be prevented by taking a small portion of food.

This conclusion was obtained after the researchers asked 53 healthy people aged 18-35 years to sip the soup while watching an animated movie. The next day, the size sesapannya divided into two; small (5 grams or 0.2 ounces) or large (15 grams or 0.5 ounces).

On the third day, participants were allowed to sip the soup as much as they want (also called tart free). However, on each trial participants are allowed to stop whenever they feel full.

From there it is known that people tend to eat more soup when they are distracted by the film than when they were asked to focus on the taste of the soup.

More importantly, the soup consumption accounting for 30 percent lower when compared to participants taking small sips when they take a sip by sip size or charge, regardless they are distracted or not.

Interestingly, participants who took sips size or too dismissive of free serving of soup they eat. Instead participants were taking small sips tend to over-exaggeration soup servings they consumed.

"So designing foods that have a small size that will prevent excessive consumption and reduce the prevalence of obesity," the researchers said.

Even the number of bites and how many times a person swallows food also plays an important role in determining a person's level of satiety. "Small bites actually increase the number of bites and the number of times the process of swallowing a person needs to spend some food," added the researchers, as quoted from MyHealthNewsDaily, Friday (25/01/2013).