Routine Consumption of Aspirin Triple The Risk of Blindness

Aspirin has long been proven to be effective for relieving pain in the head, as well as to ward off heart attacks, strokes and cancer. But apparently if consumed regularly in a long time, pain medication can also be dangerous. A recent study found that people who took aspirin regularly had a threefold risk of blindness.

Blindness is derived from an eye disorder called age-related macular degeneration 'wet' (wet AMD). The disease is characterized by a person's central vision or eye becomes increasingly blurred has struck a quarter million people in the UK, the majority of whom are elderly.

This was stated by a team of researchers from Sydney University, Australia after observing about 2,400 middle-aged and elderly for 15 years. From the 257 participants know there is a regular aspirin users, who take this drug at least once a week. The rest is just taking this medication occasionally (occasional).

15 years later, one of the 27 users 'occasional' (3.7 percent) sentenced to AMD 'wet'. However, one in 10 users 'routine' (9.4 percent) reported suffering from the disease.

"The use of aspirin is routinely found to have a significant association with an increased incidence of AMD neovaskular (wet)," concluded the researchers as reported by the Telegraph, Thursday (01/24/2013).

Previous aspirin has long been known to have side effects such as intestinal bleeding. Therefore investigators from Australia suggested that aspirin users consider the side effects of this drug on their vision.

Responding to the study, a spokesman for the foundation Macular Society of Britain said, "The evidence presented study did bring up the link between aspirin and wet AMD but up to this point the effect is not excessive. When prescribing aspirin is stopped, it is feared that patients at risk of cardiovascular disease will be more increased risk. "

"After all that wet AMD can be treated as long as diagnosed on time. When patients have wet AMD in one eye so he had only one eye to watch the various symptoms of wet AMD can be found quickly. Risk also needs to be discussed between patients with a doctor," he concluded.


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