1 of 6 Case of Asthma Associated with These jobs

Asthma is a respiratory disorder that can interfere with a person's productivity when his condition worsened. According to one study, people with certain professions have a much greater risk for worsening asthma.

Rebecca Ghosh, a scientist from Imperial College London and colleagues found that 1 out of 6 cases of asthma in adults has been associated with the workplace environment. The researchers noted the development of asthma in adults who wrestle 18 different types of work, especially work related to chemicals.

Other job categories related to asthma in adults is a farmer, a hairdresser at the salon, or employees of the printing that is always exposed to the chemical.

The study involved 7500 adults in the UK who were born in 1958. The researchers examined participants information about the history of the work until the age of 42 years. Researchers also collected information on whether the participants had developed symptoms of asthma or bronchitis at ages 7, 11, 16, 33 and 42 years.

Sensitivity study participants to allergens and lung power was also assessed at ages 42 and 45. The researchers then calculated the amount of exposure to allergens causes asthma in participants, such as flour, enzymes, or disinfectant cleaning products, metal and metal fumes, and textile production.

When study participants aged 42 years, about 25 percent of the reports that he smoked. At this age, 9 percent of participants had asthma and 87 percent are concerned with a variety of professional fields.

After accounting for other factors, the researchers found that about 16 percent of the participants who have asthma can be explained by the job. But the study does not prove that the nature of work one can trigger the development of asthma.

Nevertheless, certain types of work can make asthma more severe because they have exposure to allergens every day. For example, farmers who have come into contact with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, have an increased risk of up to 4 times more than workers in other fields.

People who work as employees of the printing must breathe air polluted inks and other chemicals every day, it does increase the risk of worsening asthma by 3-fold. While hair stylist who often come into contact with cat hair have an increased risk of worsening of asthma up to 2-fold.