Recognize the Signs of Mental Disorders in Children

Just like adults, children can experience a mental health disorder too. In fact, nearly 1 of 5 children can be impaired by mental illness, so parents should be able to recognize the signs and immediately take the action to overcome it.

According to recent research conducted by the American Psychological Association, children are easier to overcome and respond to treatment of mental disorders than adults. This is because children mentality are still able to grow and thrive.

Parents should know the signs of a mental disorder that may occur in children. If you suspect any signs of mental illness such as ADHD or depression in children, it is important to seek immediate help from an expert in the field of child psychology.

Signs of mental illness in children vary by age and type of illness. Here are some signs of mental illness for different age ranges:

1. Preschoolers

Signs of mental illness include:

- Behavioral problems in preschool or in child care

- Hyperactive

- Difficulty sleeping

- Frequent nightmares

- Excessive fear, worry, or cry

- Difficult to set up

- Easily angry

- Do not want to be separated from their parents even if only for a moment

2. Elementary school age children

Signs of mental disorders, can be:

- Excessive fears and concerns

- Hyperactivity extreme

- Decreased performance in school suddenly

- Loss of interest in social and school activities

- Loss of appetite

- Losing weight suddenly

- Changes in sleeping habits

- Sad prolonged

3. Adolescent 

Signs of mental disorders in children who are more mature will be more visible, such as:

- destructive behaviour

- Threatening to run away or hurt themselves if it does not get what he wants from his parents

- Avoidance of family and friends

- Often expressed comments indicating a desire to hurt himself or others