Do not Believe, It's Just a Diet Myths

'Do not eat if you want to quickly trim the fat.' Such advice may often be heard when you are dieting in order to lose weight. Ah but that's a myth. In fact, though it would lose weight, fat is still needed.

"The diet is restricted in fat, especially saturated fat, so it should be avoided or fried foods, organ meats, pastries, and more. But the body still needs fats. Usually Doctor recommend to consume more unsaturated fats, from marine fish, canola oil or olive oil is added to food, "said Dr. Cindyawati Pudjiadi, SpGK, MS, a nutritionist when contacted detikHealth family, as written on Wednesday (30/01/2013).

Besides about fatty foods, there are other myths about dieting. What is it?

1. Eating Once a Day

There are still believed to eat once a day will make rapid weight down. But instead of making a thinner body, eating once a day can actually make a person eat high-calorie foods.

"Eating only once a day should be avoided because it will make a person become too hungry and will eat a variety of foods with high calories," said Dr. Cindy.

2. Not Good for Diet Breakfast

Some people think skipping breakfast actually good for the diet. And without breakfast, your blood sugar may fall. As a result of low blood sugar is impaired concentration, fatigue, and irritability. Thus quoted from Anita Kamal in the book How to Properly Diet.

Often times people who do not have breakfast overcome hunger by eating small meals. But often conscious snack that looks dry and mild in fact have a lot of calories. That way the weight can only go up.

Without breakfast, it could be someone starving so even eat much at lunch. In addition to weight loss efforts are not effective, the body's normal metabolism will not be able to accept irregular eating patterns like that.

3. Cold Drink Water Body Make Stretchy

You may also have heard of 'warning' not to drink cold water so that the body is not stretched. This is a myth. Because water contains no calories so it will not cause body fat. Thus quoted from the book "How to Properly Diet '.

Water ice is not recommended to drink after eating because it can cause food difficult to digest due to clot nutrients by water ice. However, because water does not contribute calories, then it will cause fat deposits. In addition to excessive water consumption is excreted into urine.

4. Eggs Improve Cholesterol

Although eggs contain cholesterol, varying the amount of cholesterol the body, so it is enough to make it slower if we eat the eggs. A study conducted by the University of Surrey, found that after the diet by eating two eggs a day for 12 weeks, no test subjects increased cholesterol levels.

And besides low in calories (75 calories in a boiled egg), eggs also contain vitamin D, vitamin B-12 and other nutrients.

5. Eating Avocados Make You Fat

Avocado fruit is high in fat. But eating avocados will not make fat because fat in this fruit-shaped monounsaturated.

According to Dr Zubairi Djoerban in the book 'Prevent Early', eating avocados 200 grams per day proved not to gain weight, it lowers cholesterol. One study reported that men who ate avocados three months, his LDL cholesterol levels will drop to 12 percent.

Avocado will make fat if eaten with added sugar and sweetened condensed milk.

6. Drinking Water Straight Slim Lime Juice

Many people are not strong with the lemon tart, so add a lot of sugar in the juice of the fruit. As a result of these sugars, the body is certainly not svelte but instead the opposite happened.