Do These First Before You Diet

Preparation needs to be done before the diet program. Battle for diet could be more severe because his opponent is yourself. Consider the following points so as not to be disappointed because of the diet program apart.

"The diet is a life style. Notice intake of nutrients such as vitamins, and minerals. How to keep your body to stay healthy and how to keep it fun all the time. Example, if you eat brown rice everyday feels good, why engga? If you eat soup without MSG tasty , why should consume instant noodles? "said trainer healthy living, Dr. Phaidon L Toruan to detikHealth as written on Wednesday (30/01/2013).

To prepare yourself before the diet, dr Pahidon advised to educate themselves first. For example, by coming to seminars or reading books on diet. Sometimes this way, people will be more motivated on a diet at the same time more realistic.

For example, there are fat people who go on a diet. His weight dropped from 100 kg to 80 kg, whereas the ideal body weight 68 kg. Although not yet an ideal target, at least efforts are optimal and should be appreciated. To be more sure, it would be better if they received expert supervision.

"To diet properly, it is necessary under the monitor and the setting of clinical nutrition specialist," said Dr. Cindiawaty Pudjiadi MARS, MS, SpGK, clinical nutrition specialist from RS Medistra.

With expert supervision, the prospective dieters will get the necessary checks to determine the health condition objectively. Thus, doctors can provide advice appropriate examination and diet programs to be more purposeful and planned.

"Blood tests and health is important because diet and exercise that will be suggested by the clinical nutrition specialist will be adjusted to the conditions of each individual's health individually," said Dr. Cindi.


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