Why Your Diet Program Failed?

Diet program can be regarded as one of the struggles that requires determination and willpower. Many obstacles could arise in weight loss efforts. One is the weight that would not go down, when all else has been done.

Often the results achieved by diet as it gives false hope. Why not? Have difficulty adjusting the diet and exercise, weight loss is successfully dropped a few pounds, but then just stop there. Of course this incident very upsetting.

"In conditions where weight is hard to get off, it needs to be evaluated further to diet and exercise, then re-adjusted according to body weight has been achieved," said Dr. Cindiawaty Pudjiadi MARS, MS, SpGK, clinical nutrition specialist from RS Medistra.

Which should not be overlooked, Dr. Cindy added that often is found in the plateau phase of the diet. Plateau phase is a phase in the process of weight loss where the weight is hard to get off again. In this case, maybe the body is adjusting to the new weight or dining setting and a new sports line with recent weight.

There are many things that are supposed to cause this phenomenon. One is metabolism. Having got used to limit the intake of calories and burn fat, the body to compensate and reset the internal point. The body will slow down your metabolism so that even though only a few calories intake, body weight did not budge.

Hormone levels and fluctuations in water levels in the body can also be a cause. Another factor that does not realize is boredom. Going on a diet every day is certainly long bore that old habits reoccur. Suddenly, the weight loss so hard to get off. So how about it?

"Do it again and setting dietary exercise in accordance with the new weight, then be re-evaluated. When required to try dietary administration of drugs under the supervision of a physician," said Dr. Cindy.

This suggestion is echoed by trainer healthy living, Dr. Phaidon L Toruan. Because the cause of the cessation of weight loss can be triggered by a variety of factors, then you need to do first is to identify the cause. Could be due to lack of suitable exercise, or consumption of food that is less true.

"For example, after all have been tried and did not fall down, apparently after checking the reason, because the consumption of whole grain bread. Wheat bread for some people is good for the diet, but for some people it can make fat. Then eat wheat bread intake should be replaced by another, "said Dr. Phaidon.