Bad and Good Sleep Position for Health

Quality sleep is important for your health. In addition, to sleep time should be sufficient, apparently while sleeping position is also important to get the optimal benefit of sleeping.

Many people who go to bed without pain, but his body was stiff and sore in the morning. Some other people can not even sleep through the night and had to wake up because of back and neck pain was intense due to improper sleeping position.

To prevent both of these, you should also pay attention to your posture while sleeping. Optimal sleeping position to protect the spine, allowing the body to rest effectively and maximize the benefits of sleep for health overall.

People posture either in the daytime or nighttime play a very big role in healthy bones and nervous system. Poor posture causes problems with the spine that can lead to health challenges such as headaches, neck pain and back pain.

In addition, abnormalities of the spine can interfere with the function of the nerves in the body to cause the slow recovery from back pain, malfunctioning organs and immune system challenges.

In order to undisturbed posture when sleeping, avoid some of these sleeping positions:

1. Sleeping on stomach

Sleeping on his stomach to make you have to turn your face to one side which can cause long stretch response in ligaments and ligaments causing deformity of plastic and spinal damage.

2. Sleep with a very big pillow 

Sleep with a big pillow underneath the head can cause hyperflexion and neck outstretched. It can also cause the plastic deformity that causes the head slightly forward posture.

This is very dangerous because the forward head posture has been shown to decrease lung capacity, reduces the oxygen needs of body cells. It can cause asthma, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease.

Posture is too advanced head also affects the digestive system leading to constipation, preventing the absorption of nutrients, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Instead, here are the sleeping position is beneficial to health, as reported by NaturalNews, Monday (14/01/2013), among others:

1. Sleep on your back with a pillow

Sleep with a pillow on your back and position your right. You can also add below the knee in order to be more flexible hips and knees who will bear the pressure of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints.

2. Sleep Sideways

Some people feel more comfortable when sleeping on your side with your hips and knees bent about 45 degrees. You need a support pillow under the neck which makes the level of the head and face in a neutral position.

If the pillow under your neck is too big and firm, it can cause too much lateral flexion position of the shoulder. If the pillow is too small and delicate, it can cause lateral flexion position is too close to the shoulder. Both positions are very harmful to the nervous system of the spine.