Vitamin Overdose Cause Body Difficult to Regenerate

Vitamins are often used to enhance the immune or keep him in shape. The most widely consumed vitamin C and E which is also an antioxidant to stop free radical molecules as one cause of premature aging and cancer.

However, all this time high doses of antioxidants is not harmful to health. As a result more and more people who consume vitamin C, even at a dose 10 times higher than the dose recommended by the doctors.

In fact, experts recently found that free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) also has its own function for the body. As well as a team of researchers from Manchester University who found that animals can only grow its tail back when having enough levels of free radicals in the body.

"So when we lowered his ROS levels, growth and tissue regeneration even failure. Means that our study showed that ROS is important to start and sustain regeneration response," said researcher Professor Enrique Amaya in their study, published in the journal Nature Cell Biology.

According to Professor Amaya, these molecules are also required as part of the recovery process called genetic Wnt signaling. Even the implication has been proven in nearly every study of regeneration system, including in humans.

"Another surprising thing is that we can show that antioxidants have a negative impact on the growth of the network over because we are often told that antioxidants are beneficial to health," he added as quoted by the Telegraph, Monday (14/01/2013).

This study agrees with the claims of Dr. James Watson's controversial. Because the scientist who co-discovered the structure of DNA was revealed that antioxidants are also dangerous for people with Last-stage cancer.

Dr. Watson explained that ROS helps clear cells dysfunctional and dangerous from the body. Instead antioxidants actually interfere with the body's recovery from cancer by blocking the effects of the presence of ROS in the body.


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