Top 10 Weird Jobs

"So what is your job?" is a common question in light conversation when there is a party or a casual but honest answers to some of the jobs below will signify the end of the chat make you cornered awkwardly and spend party alone.

Here are 10 odd jobs and arguably disgusting, so if you're sitting in your office and get bored with the job as well as your routine, maybe you should be grateful not get such a job the following.

10. Egg Breaker / Junior Egg Smell
Rotten egg smell is unpleasant things could even make a neg and vomiting. It is no coincidence, because sulfuric pong is the main ingredient in the smell of rotten eggs, but there are people out there who actually get paid to sniff out the smell nauseating. Egg Smeller also known as egg breakers happy (but without less fun tasks), are workers who are assigned to separate yolks and egg whites for use as food products and smell of rotten eggs to be separated

9. Worms Searcher
Worm Searcher
To catch fish, you must first catch the worm. Or get someone else to catch it for you. That's right, to 4 cents per worm You can make your life in Canada's agriculture attracted to bait wiggling and put it into cups. -->

As if that was not enough fun, the best time to do this usually at night when it rains. However, at least you will have the day free for leisure fishing.

8.Cow Inseminator
Cow Inseminator
It's amazing science and technology that goes into breeding the best quality, a special computer program is used when a cow during the lust, barcode tracking indicates whether the cow is historically compatible with the sperm donor to avoid inbreeding, and the modern techniques of sperm freezing on the ice until the right time.

But at the end of all this there must be someone who is willing to use their arms, put his shoulder into the vagina up to the cow. Step forward cow inseminator. Sure, you get the gloves (very long), and you can give the cows a little sensation, but have you ever be able to see the hamburger the same way again?

7. Board of Animal Bodies
Board Of Animal Bodies
life on a farm, outdoor, wide fields, horrible smell of rotting corpse. farm bodies in the USA has replaced the cute pets and a large corn field with decaying human corpses arranged carefully to the various positions.

There is a corpse half buried in the mud, the corpse sank in the pool, and even in the trunk of a car.

Before you start calling the police, this is not the work of a farmer serial killer (or killers floor); It helps decomposition, forensic, students learn in different situations, which means that they can do research like in CSI, in order to analyze how long the victims were killed, whether the victim died when looking for eels in the mud.

It may be well and good, but imagine the person who set all this up, they dragged the body into the native people in agriculture, placing the position of the bodies in several styles, arranged for the fast decaying corpse, put maggots to make a natural decay, so that students can analyze correctly in their field investigations

Welcome to the ranch caretaker lives corpse

6. Chicken sexer
Chicken Sexer
A chicken sexer job is to find out whether the newly hatched chicken male or female. Hens used for egg production and male can be used for meat purposes.

Worse, this work is not just any old person can - you must have special training to be able to identify the gender of chicken that just because when the chicks hatch all the reproductive organs of chicks' in their bodies. like the picture above, you are announcing how

5. Sharks Aquarium Cleaner
Sharks Aquarium Cleaner
Robin Askwith any claims, window cleaning is probably not the most pleasant of the profession.

Now add the requirement to share your work with one of nature's most deadly predators as well as being watched by a crowd of spectators who secretly hoping you'll be eaten by sharks,

It was not the only shark that needs to be rubbed his home in a large oceanographic park - you can also spend the rest of the day you take a bite and dirt from the house tank killer whales, dolphins, stingrays to walruses. And imagine how many whales produce manure.

4. Roadkill Cleaner
Roadkill Cleaner
Animals that died safer than sharks and octopi right? Well maybe, but that does not make Them any more fun as you shovel Their Rotting corpses off the highway and into the back of your pickup truck.

Maybe you think animals have been dead in the streets safer than sharks and killer whales in the tank, yes indeed.

but imagine you bring a shovel up the corpses poor animals that get hit in the middle of the road and transport it with your pickup, so if the death is rare, U.S. workers in this field considers tramp of skunk odor is still more fragrant than all that.

3. Virtual Gold Farmers
Virual Goald Farmers
There is gold on their site! Well, virtual gold, too. If you hate the sun, and happy to make a move repeatedly clicking the mouse then this is the good career for you.

Spend hours online in multiplayer fantasy games like World of Warcraft, slowly and painstakingly worked on gold farming, then sell it to another game addicts who have had a real job to pay the money that is not real with real currency.

2. Pastry Fortune writer
Patry Fortune Writer

"You will soon be asked to pay your chinese food." It may be wise words from you if you can persuade manufacturers to employ a fortune cookie you clairvoyance

This falls into the same category as a joke writer in snack greeting card creator, as the job sounds like fun the first time, but wait until you're struggling to find an innovative way to write a proper sentence wise and a different one thousand times

1. Zombie
You can generate £ 30,000 a year by walking around while dragging and drool - drool at London Bridge Experrience, london which is a job unlike most fast food presenter, I'm not sure you can get this role, but there will always be positions available in the farm's body .

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