iPod Tragedy : Hard To Believe

1. The girl who nearly injured after his iPod exploded

iPod Explode

Ken Stanborough, 47, from Liverpool, had to throw the iPod Touch belonged to Ellie, his daughter who was 11 years old, after he began to hear a hissing sound and felt the iPod is getting hot. After throwing the device out of the back door, 30 seconds later there was a small explosion with smoke as high as 10 feet in the air. According to Mr. Stanborough, Apple tried to silence him and his daughter by offering a refund, only if he agrees to remain calm. Several bloggers have reported cases in which the iPod has exploded.

2. Tokyo subway is delayed due to fire an iPod

In August 2010, an unidentified damaged iPod makes the Tokyo subway to stop for several minutes during rush hour in western Tokyo at Setagaya Ward, 17 miles from the center of the capital. Passengers began to complain about the smell of burning, forcing the train to stop while officers went looking for the source. A female passenger then came forward to show that his iPod broke apart after overheating. Trains delayed for 8 minutes for the stench to clean. For the busy train line, which serves more than 1 million passengers every day, it's very rare to happen. The average delay of trains in Japan is just 20 seconds. -->

3. People who find the iPod freezes for a year but still functioning

Andrew Robulack, residents of Whitehorse, Yukon, found the iPod Classic comes from a block of ice as he walked. At first, he thought it was a piece of dog shit. But then he saw that the unidentified frozen objects have a rectangular shape familiar reply. Obviously, he found the iPod freezing of ice which he thinks has been around since the beginning of winter and take it home to see if it still works. Incredible, after only a few minutes of charging, the device is fully operational, even displays the correct date.

4. Sub Navigator which causes a shipwreck worth £ 60 million because he was distracted by iPods

Navigator of the U.S. nuclear submarine was listening to an iPod when it collided with another boat, causing damage worth £ 60 million. Aboard the USS Hartford also installed loudspeakers so that they can listen to music while on duty. Commander Captain Ryan Brookhart assign acquitted after an investigation revealed nearly 30 errors that cause accidents can be avoided. Navigator also said it had revised the exam at the time of the collision. Fifteen sailors aboard the USS Hartford injured when he crashed into the transport ship USS New Orleans in the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow passage in the Persian Gulf in March 2009.

5. Couple arrested for trying to sell the iPod Touch and marijuana to an iPad

ipod touch

Police arrested two people in Arizona for attempting to sell third-generation iPod touch and approximately seven grams of marijuana through the ads in exchange for the iPad 32G on Craigslist. After receiving a tip about the ad, which included photos of both iPod touch and marijuana, police sent an e-mail claiming to be interested in the exchange. When the police met and pretend to finish trade, Jacob Walker and Jacob Veldare even arrested when marijuana was Walker's offer.

6. Teacher assaulted until a broken neck due to confiscate the iPod's students

Two students accused of assaulting a teacher in a hallway at Germantown High School is now behind bars. The attack came after Frank Burd (60) confiscated an iPod from one of the students who use them in class. Children 14 years and who were returned along with grade 11.
Then the 2 teens allegedly pushed Burd, and struck his head on the lockers. Schools CEO Paul Vallas said Burd broke his neck in two places. He was taken to Einstein Medical Center, but showed no signs of paralysis. Confrontation was caught on videotape. School officials can use the tape to immediately identify the students. Donte Boykin (17) after first capturing the 14-year-old boy.

7. Soldiers rescued from the AK-47 assault thanks to his iPod

Kevin Garrad on patrol on a road in Iraq and as he rounded the corner of a building, rebels (armed AK-47) came from the other side. Then they opened fire on each other.The rebels were killed and Kevin was hit in the left chest where he kept the iPod in his jacket pocket. This slow pace until the bullet so the bullet did not penetrate his body.iPod in question is the 20GB model of the older and thicker, which previously manufactured and distributed by HP. The thickness of this model is likely to be a big part in slowing down the bullet. Fortunately, so Kevin did not suffer injuries.

Note: according to some sources the iPod does not actually save the lives of the soldiers, but actually he is wearing a vest.

8. The girl who survived the lightning strikes because of 300,000-volt current is diverted by the cable IPod

A teenage girl survived the lightning strike after he was rescued by frightening his iPod cable.
Sophie Frost and her boyfriend Mason Billington, 14 years, stopped to take shelter under a tree when a storm struck as they walked near their home. When it is suddenly there was a lightning who grabbed Sophie's body. He was lucky to be rushed to the hospital. Doctors believe Sophie survived the strike by 300,000 volts because it diverted the cable from iPod gadgets who wears, lightning away from vital organs of his. The teenager was taken to the hospital for recovery from the burns on his chest and legs while Mason suffered eye damage. Sophie was glad he was wearing his iPod, which has been given four days earlier as a gift from her grandmother.