10 Weird Football Transfers

1. Hugh McLenahan (1927)

Transfer: ice cream plus freezer
Hugh McLenahan

When Stockport held a bazaar (bazaar) in order to increase income of clubs, Manchester United came to offer plus an ice cream freezer. Incidentally United's assistant manager at that time was a businessman ice cream. With a forced, Stockport finally accepted an offer to the freezer and its contents were exchanged with Hugh McLenahan.

2. John Barnes (1981)

Transfer: a set of sports wear
John Barnes

Former England and Liverpool winger mainstay is still 17 years old at the time defended the Sudbury Court. Skill Barnes makes Watford manager, Graham Taylor, was impressed. Barnes finally left Sudbury to Watford for a fee of a set of gym clothes. Five years later, Barnes Liverpool bought for 900,000 pounds.

3. Tony Cascarino (1982)

Transfer: a set of exercises
Tony Cascarino

Tony Cascarino is a former national team player of the Republic of Ireland. When purchased by Gillingham from Crokenhill, rumors circulated that the transfer fee for only one piece of zinc metal. Cascarino denied the rumors, saying that Gillingham pay with a set of exercises.

4. Gary Pallister (1984)

Transfer: A set of sports clothes, a bag of balls and goal nets
Gary Pallister

Before becoming a star of Manchester United, Pallister had experienced an unusual transfer process. Middlesbrough only pay with a set of sports clothes, a bag of balls and goal nets when transfer him from Gillingham. Five years later, Middlesbrough Pallister finally purchased a big profit because Manchester United for a fee of 2.3 million pounds!

5. Ian Wright (1985)

Transfer: a set of weights
Ian Wright

Ian Wright, one of the great legends of Arsenal, originally was a plasterer. His talent spotted after Crystal Palace manager, Steve Coppell, watching a small club playing in the Greenwich Borough. Palace were soon recruited Ian Wright, and just replace it with a set of weights.

6. Ion Radu (1998)

Transfer: 2 tons of meat
One more bizarre transfers in Romania, and the culprit is still the club Jiul Petrosani.Ion Radu sold by Jiul Petrosani, after two tonnes of beef and pork. Jiul Petrosani club president said that the meat will be sold to pay the salaries of players.

7. Kenneth Kristensen (2002)

Transfer: Shrimp fresh body weight of

Kenneth Kristensen

Kristensen transferred from Vindbjart to Floey (Norwegian club) for a fee of fresh shrimp. More unique anymore, according to the agreement negotiated two clubs, fresh shrimp should have the same weight with the body Kristensen.

8. Franco Di Santo (2006)

Transfer: a set of exercises and 40 liters of paint
Franco Di Santo

When he moved from club to club Suizo Argentina Tiro Chile Audax Italiano, Di Santo exchanged for a set of exercises, 2 goal nets, and 40-liter cans of paint!

9. Marius Cioara (2006)

Transfer: 15 pounds of pork sausage

Romanian defender was exchanged with 15 pounds of pork sausage when moving from the Regal Hornia UT Arad (Romania). Marius Cioara felt insulted and decided to retire one day after moving into his new club.

10. Cristian Belgradean (2006)

Transfer: the installation of gas pipeline

Lupeni Mayor who is also President of the club Minerul (Romania) offers a unique release. Minerul willing to release their flagship player, Cristian Belgradean, exchanged with the installation of gas pipeline investments in the city Lupeni. This offer is immediately accepted by their rival club, Jiul Petrosani.