List of 10 World's IT Experts Most Temperament and Cruel

Here is a list of ten people in the tech world who like to yell, berate and threaten death. They are the ones who see things differently. They do not care about the rules, especially rule "treat other people with respect." They also can not keep their loudness. You can cower, hiding from them, curse or slander them behind them.
But one thing that you can not do is ignore them, because they are very loud voice. They work at Google, Apple, Microsoft and AOL. They once ruled the industry - or they've failed. Here are 10 Boss's most passionate - they are shouting in a different way. Some people think they sociopat, but some see him as a genius.

1. Steve Jobs: More Severe while No Shouting

Steve Jobs

Temperament Steve Jobs is well known and well documented.Apple CEO this one in place of the disabled parking. He will fire the employee that he sees in the elevator as they please.But more appalling is the ignorance Jobs. Even some of the statements that calm and calculated to make people shiver.He created a cold atmosphere at Apple headquarters in Cupertino. One former employee testified: No one greeted him. Employees who have a low position afraid of him. One time he had walked around the campus and a group of men who passed her going to move apart to let him pass.

2. Rob Glaser: Shouting to Stop Pain

Rob Glaser

Rob Glaser, CEO and founder of RealNetworks like screaming. One former employee said that was so profound that the executive kekejiannya RealNetwork will leave the company only one or two months before they receive a bonus of hundreds of thousands dolar.Real and Rob have a day will make strategic investments, only to lose than Microsoft in the final seconds. This makes Glaser screamed, threw objects, and slammed the door, on the way out he broke a painting that hung on the wall.

3. Marc Benioff: Flowers ... and handcuffs ...

Marc Benioff CEO Marc Benioff was a decoy, another term to describe himself which is a master manipulator. He can send flowers and leave a long voicemail. But when the Wall Street Journal wanted to write a story about a vacation home in Hawaii Benioff, Benioff even wrote a letter to the Down Jones CEO's wife, flew to New York to membentar an editor and ended up ordering some construction workers and local police to detain Journal reporter since entering the housewithout permission.

4. Diane Greene: The only mistake is Working on a Tiran Other

Diane Greene

VMware employee told upon entering a meeting with Diane Greene, they hope to dig a hole to avoid criticism or worse lagi.Karyawan Greene describes as a perfectionist who likes to work in its own way. But apart from a bad temper, former VMware founder Diane Greene was loved by his company, mainly because of dictatorial management style has catapulted the company's stock price.

5. Jason Goldberg: Head of the Heat and Leadership

Jason goldberg

Jason Goldberg, Jobster CEO who was fired from Social Median now run the site. He still has problems with his words.He thinks about something he should not think and even say it.Goldberg is not polite to say, rivals Jobster as "a cheap product." It takes a lot of testosterone to say something about the market leaders - especially if no one has ever heard of Jobster.

6. Bill Gates: Even Not Love His mother

Bill Gates

Recently, (former) leader of Microsoft's Bill Gates is known as a generous people around the world, he gives billions of dollars through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But many years earlier, Gates is known as a cruel and like to curse, especially to women, starting with ibunya.Pada in 1967, Gates when sitting in sixth grade elementary school asked his mother, "Did you ever try to think?". In 1985: Gates reported to work on an executive woman until she was asked to dipindahkan.Pada 13 May 1990: Gates' planned retreat for Microsoft employees - on Mother's Day.

7. David Colburn: Be prepared to evangelize with your ass

Dabid Colburn

While AOL's ad sales running at the end of 90 ', David Colburn could get a pretty good nickname. People call him God (God) - a person who can turn water into blood. At a holiday party in December 1999, Colburn called three rabbis to pray for the success of AOL. Colburn promised to donate $ 1 million to any Jewish person, if AOL's stock price reached tertentu.Pernah priced $ 250 million, in May Colburn recently completed a claim about how he once tried to inflate AOL's revenue of $ 1 billion.

8. Michael Arrington: does not discriminate - take them for granted All People

Temperament Michael Arrington as bad as everyone assumed. He shouted to everyone, including employees, including CEO of Techcrunch Heather. But not just cry, but the tone of his voice. Maybe this is a cultural problem, but I'm not going to talk to people like how he speaks. Everyone is under them, and he downplayed the majority of people.

9. Jonathan Rosenberg: Even cursing Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Jonathan Rosenberg

Google campus in Mountain View is a happy place where no one is screaming. Unless SVP Jonathan Rosenberg.Rosenberg likes yelling, even screaming in an interview with Google, perhaps with Google founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Many people wonder, what's in the conference room?Then it was said that there was an interview, and the person who interviewed a shout. He really liked his voice berteriak.Volume to this day does not hurt his career: instead Rosenberg is one of the few executives who can participate in Google's quarterly report to Wall Street.

10. Steve Ballmer: Want to "kill" Google and CEO of cowardice

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is always lost his mind, but nothing is more amusing when a former Microsoft engineer Mark Lucovsky go to Ballmer's office and said that he had been recruited by Google. After Google hired Microsoft executive Kai-Fu Lee, Microsoft then sue Google and accidentally Lucovsky tell you what happened:"When talking with Lucovsky, Ballmer said:" tell me that you're not into Google. " "I then said that he would move to Google.Today, Ballmer picked up a chair and threw it up to hit a table in his office. Ballmer then said: "F *** ing Eric Schmidt is af *** ing p ** sy. I'm going to f *** ing Bury that guy, I have done it before (Novell), and I will do it again. I'm going to f *** ing kill Google. "