FBI Not Able to Solve This Password

Already more than 11 years the FBI trying to solve this code. Do you have a good brain and think crack the code? If so, then maybe you can help the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States to solve a murder password.

According to MSNBC page, Wednesday, March 30, 2011, has more than 11 years the FBI trying to solve a murder mystery that holds the code of a man in the town of St.Louis, the state of Missouri, the United States.

The mystery began on June 30, 1999, when Ricky McCormick, 41, was found murdered in her home. In the pants McCormick found two sheets of paper with random letters that allegedly is a code. -->

FBI code-breaker teams have been trying desperately to crack the code, but they have not received an answer. Until now, none of the arrested suspects related to this murder.

"We are very good at breaking codes. However, in this case we need help," said Dan Olson, head of the FBI Code Solution.

"Resolution of this code will be able to reveal the presence of the victim before he died and to reveal the whole mystery of this murder," said Olson again.

Olson says that the code is discovered by the FBI on McCormick's body was made in the format they've never seen before.

According to FBI records, McCormick did not graduate from high school but he was known as a self-taught genius. Members of his family said McCormick's writings often use a code since his childhood, but no one knows or understood the purpose of these codes.

The FBI believes the record contains a code more than 30 lines McCormick said it made three days before his death. This is the code that makes the FBI dizzy.

McCormick's Code 1

McCormick's Code 2

FBI is hoping if anyone can crack the password is, can contact them at this address:

FBI Laboratory
Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit
2501 Investigation Parkway
Quantico, VA 22135
Attn: Rick McCormick Case