5 Types of Exercises That Can Improve Sexual Vitality

1. Push-ups 

Push Up

Push-ups can strengthen your arms, shoulders and stomach muscles. With this exercise, you can get a toned stomach muscles so that the appearance more attractive. Not only that, with toned abdominal muscles, for men especially, is very useful when performing se*ual position man on top.

2. Squats

When doing squats, a lot of muscles work to produce a number of hormones and in turn may increase the sex drive. This exercise also strengthens the muscles of the buttocks and upper legs so that it can increase performance during s*x.

3. Bench Press

Bench Press
Doing bench press help strengthen the chest and arm muscles. Many woman admire the broad-shouldered man. With a strong chest muscles, he also does not tire easily while making love with their partner. As for women, the bench press will make the bre*sts look firmer and contain. This certainly will make him more interested in you.

4. Cardio 


All types of cardio sports ranging from swimming, running or aerobics can improve blood circulation in the body. By having good blood circulation can help the process of the emergence of s*x drive. Cardio exercises also help you release endorphins in the brain hormone, a hormone that makes sense of happiness.

5. Kegel 


Kegel is one of the most important sports for men and women. By practicing Kegel, you can experience significant changes during lovemaking. For men, with regular Kegel exercise helps control the muscles that normally contract during ej*culation with control over it, the men could make a longer ej*culation.