9 Most Controversial Hollywood's Film

When a producer wants to make movies, of course the main purpose for the film sold and can meet purse money. But either because the cultivation is less good or because of something else, not a few who actually sag in the market. However, there are a number of film and the theme of cultivating a controversy, but still sold in the market, even won awards. This is the ninth of which is quoted from various sources.

1. Da Vinci Code - 2006
Davinci Code

Among the nine most controversial Hollywood movie, this is the most controversial film, because film is lifted from the novel by Dan Brown which is also controversial, Da Vinci Code, angered Christians around the world so that the filming and just launching the demonstration. This film tells about the murder of an orator museum that eventually reveal a mystery that is not acceptable Christians, namely that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus, and Jesus had offspring. And during these Christians believe that Mary Magdalene was no more than a prostitute.

2. A Clockwork Orange - 1971
a Clockwork Orange

By director Stanley Kubrick are lifted from the same titled novel by Anthony Burgess. The film, starring Malcolm McDowell and Patrick Magee tells about the hobby of Youth Gang perform criminal acts such as torture and rape. By theme, the film is interesting, but one priority to get criticism and condemnation because of the scenes featured deemed unworthy impression. Even the director of this film had terrorized will be killed by someone whose identity is not revealed until now. However, this film nominated for Oscar, although The French Connection was the one who managed to steal the prestigious awards in the film industry in Hollywood. -->

3. Basic Instinct - 1992
Basic Instinct

The film, directed by Paul Verhoeven tells the story of a detective investigating a murder case with an ice pick. The film, starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone is a huge success, but the criticism and condemnation because of this psychological thriller not only in vulgar indulgence in sex scenes, but also because gays and lesbians consider, drawing the main character is bisexual, is considered too excessive, especially depiction in the film opening.

4. The Exorcist - 1971
The Exorcist

Horror movie is lifted from a novel by William Peter Blatty with the same title was regarded as the best horror movies of all time in Hollywood. But the film about a little girl possessed by demons was criticized because spit out the dialogue which is considered too far. The reason, in between these dialogues are vulgar words pronounced unworthy of a child, not yet commonly used in American society at the time, and there are also words that are blasphemous and insulting God and religion.

5. Aladdin - 1992

The film, directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, and lifted from the classic fairy tale Middle East has become controversial because there is dialogue that is considered too discredit Arabs. The reason, in the movie there is a dialog that says so, "the Arabs would cut off your ear if they do not like your face." Criticism, among others, came from the American-Arab AntiDiscrimination Committee (Anti-Discrimination Committee American-Arab). Finally the film was re-released after the dialog is changed.

6. Brokeback Mountain - 2005
Brokeback Mountain

The film is directed by Chinese origin, Ang Lee, has won Oscars, but had been criticized for breaking down the stigma about the cowboy macho and manly. The reason, this film tells the story of two gay cowboy who clearly are far from manly. Moreover, because both characters are sex scenes are presented pretty vulgar. In addition, when the film was released, in America's hot-warm the issue of equal rights for gays / lesbians that discussion until the parliament.

7. JFK - 1991

The film made by director Oliver Stone tells the story of the murder of American President John F Kennedy. The film was successful in the market, but could reap the controversy, even the U.S. government banned because the plot is considered full of lies. As we know, until now the murder of JFK is still a mystery and not yet fully revealed, although the perpetrator, Lee Harvey Oswald, had been brought to justice.

8. Cannibal Holocaust - 1980 
Cannibal Holocaust

The work of Ruggero Deodato film tells the story of four college students who want to make a documentary about cannibal tribes in the Amazon. Once the film premiered at Milan, the local court immediately confiscated, while Deodato, the producer, sent to prison because the authorities believed the film was not imaginary, and the deaths of the characters in the movie real. Luckily, the actors cast were later appeared on TV and explain that depicted in the film is only engineering.They are amateur actors who are not known, and are willing to be a low fee.

9. Calligula - 1979

Works of Tinto Brass film tells the story of Calligula, a controversial Roman emperor. But once the film is launched, this film is also controversy because the cultivation of this movie is very vulgar, so categorized aka X*X movie p*rn movies. As a result, although the cost of making this film was the biggest in the history of Hollywood cinema at the time, but it is also a film that most losses in the history of Hollywood to this day because he can not run free in cinemas.