5 King of the World Has Notwithstanding Behaviors

1. Justin II
Justin II

Justin II was the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperor came to power in 565 to 578. Justin II, nephew of Justinian I. Justin II, famous for his wheel throne and his bite that hurts everyone in the palace. In the last days as emperor, he ordered the band to play all the time to compose his thoughts.

2. Ibrahim I
Ibrahim I

Sultan Ibrahim I was in the Ottoman Empire which ruled only 8 years [1640-1648]. But, in power for a while does not mean do not have time to cultivate popularity. Ibrahim I could make him famous thanks to his obsession in women fat. He often ordered his men to find the fattest woman in the world. And the most beloved is a woman who weighs about 330 pounds. He called her with affection calls "A piece of sugar." Because of his love, he dubbed her the Governor General of Damascus.

3. Nebuchadnezzar

Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon [605 BC-582 BC] was known for his monumental work Hanging Gardens of Babylon.But, perhaps not many know that he once lived in the wilderness for several years. According to legend, after years of constructing the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, he was humbled by God so that he spent 7 years living in the wild. He imagined himself as a goat, cows eat grass together. After reasonable unsound claim to recover, he went back to the palace.

4. Ludwig II of Bavaria
Ludwig II of Bavaria

Ludwig II of Bavaria from 1845 to over 1886. He is known for his eccentric style of government in regulating and his interest in the art. He reportedly suffered from mental illness, but it was never proven. However, he once said to himself: "I want to remain an eternal enigma to myself and others." And his death also remains a mystery, while his obsession to build a fantasy castle expensive did not materialize. Ironically, the castle, the castle has become a lucrative tourist attraction.

5. Caligula

First 2 years of his reign, the emperor Caligula was known as a moderate. But, he was then insane. He is cruel, like the sexual deviations, extravagant, luxury and tyrants. In fact, he boldly claimed to be God. He began performing with such clothing and introduced himself as the god Jupiter in public events or when he signed the document. Finally, it deletes the gods of the Roman faith and establish himself as a god who lived physically.


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