10 Taxes Most Strange and Unique Ever Made

10. Beard Tax

Maybe you will no longer find this tax again, but this one had real taxes there. Peter the Great of Russia to apply this tax simply because he does not like with a beard or any hair on the face (including whiskers). So, if there are people who dare to wear this men's natural decoration, have to deal with large and fairly heavy tax.

9. Illegal Income Tax

American IRS (Internal Revenue Service), make regulations that reads, "Invalid Income, such as money derived from illicit drug sales, should you include on Form 1040, line 21."

8. Tax Freedom from Slavery 

Ancient Rome also seemed sadistic. Taxes whose real name is manumission tax, is a special tax if you are no longer a slave to someone. In some cases, this tax paid by a person who wants to free his slave, though not great, but tolerable

7. Taxes Not Agree with the King 

Most tax effective way to make a political opponent was silent, Oliver Cromwell make this tax in 1655. Oliver impose this tax to the surviving nobles lived in England after Oliver took over power. What's worse, the tax money used to finance the establishment of an army to fight another nobleman. -->

6. Life Tax

This tax is the most annoying. Not on what you buy or you may have, but just because you live, then you have to pay taxes. This crazy tax applied in England in the 14th century, and the result? And massive demonstrations in various places of the great insurrection in England.

5. Nobel Prize Tax

Even the great appreciation of this remarkable also taxed at Amarika it's not even a kind of Pulitzer recognition, essentially all that is his money, and taxable income! It's hard work, already half dead carry the name of the country, uh, taxable as well.

4. Foreigner Tax

Indeed, such a tax is not so strange really, until now can still be found. In 1885, Canada began providing tax to the new Chinese immigrants and finally stopped in 1923. Funnily enough, this tax is not because people started to quit feeling of togetherness as a human being regardless of race, but because the Chinese Immigration Act prohibits the existence of Chinese people into Canada at all.

3. Fireplace Tax  

This is evidence of 'creativity' ancient nobility. When the money was low, whatever can be taxed, which is important to the money, finally, in 1660, Britain actually implementing the tax on the fireplace. As a result, the population began to seek various ways to hide the chimney. Stupid tax was finally stopped after a major fire in 1684 damaging 20 homes and took four lives, only because the baker is trying to use a neighboring chimney clandestinely.

2. Danegeld

The bottom line: taxes to be paid, because you are not killed by the Danes. Taxes are crazy son of a magic applied by the Saxons. The king who must suffer because this is the King Elthred, who live life full of suffering by the Danes.

1. Salt Tax

Salt, Sodium Chloride, salt is salty. That’s weird right? but the fact is there are crazy people who imposes taxes to the salt. It also is touted to be the beginning of the destruction of imperial China, started the French Revolution, and until Gandhi himself protested taxes to take to the streets in 1930.