How do you choose a mattress healthy?

The one you've entered the stores selling bedding must be puzzled that you felt strong and I wished that you can sleep easily and simply wrapped in Muftrcha earth and sky . Here we introduce a set of simple tips that will help you choose the right mattress , namely:

In terms of length should be the length of the bed ( mattress ) more than ten centimeters in height , so as not to discover that your feet have exited in the outdoors and have exceeded the limits of your bed !

For the display must be bed to accommodate a broad display of both arms when the annexes lie on your back and put your arms on both sides of your body .

Whether Zenberkia bed or stuffed textured ' Foam ' mattress should support your back and keep your spine in its natural position .

Bed should not be harsh or disturbing , it is assumed that relaxes your back and not fight it !

If you buy a mattress double you and wife should accommodate as together without Adtrkme Bedkma to contact in order to ensure enough space for both of you while you sleep .

Ask about the warranty , it is your right to get them to bed , especially these days, costing relatively large amounts