Air Pollution Impacts of Waste Industry

Air Pollution Impacts of Waste Industry

Potentially large industrial waste pollute the water. In general industrial waste containing B3, which is hazardous and toxic materials.
Characteristics of B3 waste is corrosive / cause rust, flammable and explosive, are toxic / poisonous and cause infection / disease.
Hazardous industrial wastes include liquids containing metal and acid.

Waste generated metal plating industry, containing copper and nickel and cyanide acid, boric acid, chromic acid, nitric acid and phosphoric acid.
This waste is corrosive, can kill plants and aquatic animals. In humans cause skin and eye irritation, interfere with breathing and cause cancer.

The most harmful metals from industrial waste is also known as mercury or with mercury (Hg). Mercury-containing wastes from industries other than metals are also derived from the cosmetics industry, batteries, plastics, and so on.

Mercury compounds are dissolved in water entering through the food chain, which first entered into the body of microorganisms which are then eaten are consumed by humans.

Always keep the environment clean and keep water sources, this would keep us from various diseases.