Lapacho cancer

Lapacho are trees that grow in Brazil , Argentina , Paraguay and South America and are known for pretty names - formic tree, Tekoma and others. Trees reach a height of 40 meters and the scientific name is Tabebuia.

Inner bark is used for the preparation of infusions. Local treat her various health problems - fatigue , cough , anemia . It is also believed that an infusion of Lapacho and treat cancers.

Studies on the healing properties of the tree began in 1960 - over the next few decades in the Brazilian press appears Tree. The articles praising the properties of spongers - describe various cases of patients who were cured of arthritis , diabetes and even cancer.

According to information Lapacho reduces pain and helps to increase red blood cells in the body. Lapacho stimulates the immune system regulates the heart, purifies and protects the body from infection , was also alleged in the articles. An infusion of the bark if applied topically may strengthen infected wounds, eczema , according to other publications.

Researchers examined the biochemical properties of the tree and found many biologically active substances, among them lapaholat. This is an organic substance that is classified as naphthoquinone, and attempts, where scientists have made ​​on animals show that lapachone helps in the treatment of malaria .

It has potent activity against cancer cells in a specific type - in epithelial tumors and leukemia lapaholat not exhibit activity.

Lapacho stimulates the formation of red blood cells and improves oxygen circulation in the body, according to the results of various studies. In the bark of the tree contains more than 20 active elements.

The bark of the Lapacho destroys cancer cells in the lungs, indicate even in publications. To this end, the bark has to boil at least eight minutes to give the active substances from the extract.

In the 70 years was conducted another study in which volunteers took part. The bark of the Lapacho no toxic effects on either the liver or on the kidneys, but if taken in large doses can cause side effects. The study reaffirms anti-cancer properties of the crust.

In Canada, the Ministry of Health classifies as Lapacho potent drugs and seizure bark of free sale.

Bureau of Technology Assessment of the Congress of the United States published in the September 1990 Labour Alternative cancer treatment . The publication has entries for Lapacho title is An ancient plant - a modern miracle .