Healthy Way Eating Meat

Many of us who still believe that red meat , such as beef, lamb , or pork , is one of the biggest causes of heart disease . In fact , if the meat is selected and processed correctly , we can reduce the saturated fat content in it , avoiding early wrinkles , clogged arteries , and also an increase in cholesterol . Here's how:

1 . Choose the best . If you want to buy meat , choose fresh , new , and has the lowest fat content .

2 . Without fat . As a buyer , you can ask for lean meat chosen for the seller . Typically in a large supermarket , more lean meat easily found because it was labeled " no fat " .

3 . Discard the fat . Cut off and discard the fat part that is still attached to the meat before it is processed .

4 . Boiled or roasted . If the meat with boiled or baked rather than fried because it will only add to the fat content and cholesterol . If you still want to fry the meat , use olive oil that has been proven to be very effective in fighting cholesterol .

5 . Remove oil . Remove excess oil and calories in meat baked with oil using a tissue .

6 . Know limits. Reduce consumption of meat , which is nothing more than a piece of meat or about 85 grams of red meat a week .

It is very easy is not it? Eating a low-fat meat and contain no saturated fat can make you 6 years of age to look younger .