Healthy Food Help Fight Acne

You do not need to bother with acne because skin problems can be encountered even in a simple way . You also do not need to rely on a variety of creams , or try a variety of treatments that are widely available to get rid of acne . With the proper intake of nutrient-rich healthy , acne or oil sacs infected as a result of clogged pores , can slowly disappear .

Following intake can help treat acne :

1 . Green vegetables .

Fresh green leafy vegetables , such as spinach , lettuce , artichoke , and cabbage was not only good for health and digestion . These vegetables also help the body cope with acne that arise , with vitamins , minerals , and antioxidants in it .

2 . Cucumber .

Cucumber is a good source of vitamins A , C , E , water , and amino acids . The content helps the body cope with acne .

3 . Garlic .

Garlic may have a scent that is offensive to some people . However, its antibacterial content will increase immunity , to be able to fight the bacteria that cause acne .

4 . Tea and coffee .

Tea and coffee can help the body cope with acne , as long as not too much added sugar . Tea and coffee will help cleanse the body of all kinds of toxins , to acne can be resolved .

5 . Tomato .

Red fruit is not only rich in vitamin C. Tomatoes are also rich bioflavanoid who helped treat injured or damaged skin . Consumption of tomatoes regularly will help reduce acne that arise .

6 . Olive oil .

Olive oil or olive oil is lighter and easily absorbed by the body . This oil is also more easily exploited , so reduce the risk of acne.