Prostate Enlargement Treatment Options

The risk of prostate enlargement is in every man , especially when it has reached 50 years of age . Malignant prostate enlargement will lead to difficulty urinating and decreased ability to engage in sexual activity .

However, enlargement of the prostate can be treated in various ways . Each treatment method has advantages and disadvantages of each .

" Because of the risks and benefits of each treatment is different, then the patient needs to know the types of treatment for enlarged prostate can choose which is best , " said urologists from Mt Alvernia Medical Centre Singapore Dr Tan Hun Hoe in a health care discussion , Friday ( 6 / 9/2013 ) in Jakarta .

Tan explains , at least there are three main methods that doctors use to treat patients with prostate enlargement . The third method , namely medicine , minimally invasive techniques , and trans urethral resection of the prostate ( TURP ) .

" The risk is generally directly proportional to the benefit. If the risk is high , the benefits are usually too high , and vice versa , " he explained .

Treatment with drugs is the method with the lowest risks and benefits . The advantage of this method is safe and does not need to have surgery . However, patients who choose this method must take medication for life and must continue to buy if the drug expires .

According to Tan , there are some obstacles of drug therapy . First , patients must comply with appropriate medication doctors prescribed dose . Second , patients who regularly need to pay to buy the drugs .

And third , patients at risk of drug complications , especially if it has been taking medication in the long term . Complications faced by patients include sexual problems such as impotence and headaches .

Method of treatment has risks and benefits of moderate is a minimally invasive technique . This method is done by entering the ring on the ring like a urinary tract to the blood vessels of the heart to heart disease . The point is to open up the urinary tract covered by an enlarged prostate .

However, Tan said , mounting ring is very difficult to do . And many patients who complain of the same problem some time after being treated with this method .

Meanwhile , TURP is a method of treatment of the highest risk , but the benefits are also high . Tan said , TURP as the gold standard method of treatment of prostate enlargement to date .

TURP is done by entering a tool called resektoskop through to the urinary tract . Then the tool is used to remove prostate tissue that is blocking the urinary tract of patients able to urinate smoothly again .

The prostate is an organ which is important for male sexual health . As people age , have an enlarged prostate naturally because of the influence of sex hormones in the male body .

Enlarged prostate will suppress urinary tract . That is the cause of symptoms such as the interrupted flow of urine or discomfort and pain during urination .