Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Bladder Cancer in Women

Benefits of fruits and vegetables to prevent cancer continues to reveal more and more widespread scientists. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that consumption of vegetables and fruits in large quantities can reduce the risk of bladder cancer, especially in women.

In the study, the researchers collected data on 185 885 adults for nearly 13 years. A total of 581 people in the group diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer developing.

Overall, women who consume vegetables and fruits in large quantities has the lowest risk of bladder cancer.

Women who consumed vegetables yellow-orange has a 52 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with bladder cancer than women who consume little. Not only that, women who consume high level of vitamin A, C, and E also have the lowest risk of developing the disease.

Unfortunately, the relationship of fruit and vegetable consumption and bladder cancer that occurs only in women. The researchers did not find a similar relationship in men.

"This study supports the recommendation fruit and vegetable consumption for cancer prevention," said researcher Song-Yi Park of the University of Hawaii Cancer Center.

Nevertheless, he added, further research is needed to better understand how cancer risk can be reduced with the consumption of vegetables and fruits only occurs in women.