Prevent Dementia with Two Cups of Hot Chocolate

Drinking two cups of hot chocolate every day can be a good way to prevent dementia. The benefits derived from the antioxidants that are found in many kakao drinks.

Researchers from Harvard University says, flavonoids, antioxidants in chocolate will help blood flow. Research shows that they do, in elderly people drinking hot chocolate helps prevent dementia.

Dementia is a disorder that causes progressive damage to the nervous system that will produce a collection of symptoms. Some of the most common features of dementia is memory loss, reasoning, judging, and speaking.

Maintain blood flow remains smooth so that oxygen and glucose are brain energy, it is important to maintain cognitive function.

The study involved 60 respondents had a mean age of 73 years. They do not suffer from dementia, although 18 people have impaired blood flow at baseline as measured by sound waves.

After drinking regular hot chocolate, respondents who experienced the interruption of blood flow show increase blood circulation, followed by an increase in working memory of the brain.

But the respondents blood circulation is normal since the beginning, the hot chocolate is not too influential in enhancing cognitive abilities.

"We learn more about the blood flow to the brain and its effect on the ability to think. Due to various areas of the brain takes more energy to be able to work optimally, it is necessary that the blood flow very smoothly," said Dr.Farzaneh Sorond, of Harvard Medical School.

Although studies have shown flavonoids in chocolate can prevent dementia, but research showed no difference between those who drank chocolate rich in flavonoids with low flavonoid drink.

That means other content in hot chocolate may also affect brain function.