4 Ways to Get rid of Back Fat

Back often forgotten as part of the body that need to be established. Though establish and maintain a strong back muscles will help relieve and prevent back pain, improve posture, and of course make it look more toned and attractive.

Here are four steps to strengthen the back muscles that cover the shoulder and arm as well, might as well get rid of the excess fat.

1. Plank to row

Do a push-up pose while holding a weight in each hand. Select the load according to your ability. Then, lift one arm up parallel to the body while holding the load earlier. Repeat 10-12 times before switching to the other hand.

2. Modified inverted row

To do so, you need a pole crosswise so that you can hold underneath. Adjust the height of the pole until your feet can touch the floor with the knees that makes an angle of 90 degrees. Pull your arms up to chest touches the pole, hold two seconds, then lower back. Repeat last three sets, with 10-12 repetitions for each set.

3. Reverse fly

Use the load according to ability, about one to three pounds. Sit on the edge of the chair and keep your back straight. Put your hands straight in front of the chest while lifting weights, then open the hand to shoulder level. Return to the starting position, and do three sets, with 10-12 repetitions for each set.

4. pull ups

This is the best exercise to strengthen the upper back. Do it by pulling your body up as you hold on to the pole. For beginners, we recommend using a rubber strap to facilitate this exercise. Put a rubber strap and round on foot pole, so that if you have help from the pull of the rope. Repeat as many times as you can afford.